Inyenyeri news has received reliable information on how The Rwandan doctor Dr Raymond Dusabe was murdered in Cape Town South Africa.

It’s understood that The Rwandan ambassador in South Africa‚ Vincent Karega who is gay himself, had been in a relationship with Raymond Dusabe‚ 40 years old‚ for some time. Dr Dusabe had been recalled to Rwanda  to work in King Faysal Hospital but he complained of the salary which he said was not enough for his living in Kigali.


Dr Dusabe was invited by Ambassador Karega , his boyfriend to return to South Africa for a gay night party which was held in a secret place near the Rwandan embassy in South Africa.


After the gay party Ambassador Karega advised the young Doctor to stay in South Africa and seek employment where would surely get better wages.  However, after a couple days Dr Dusabe discovered that Karega was in a relationship with more than two other men and  he dumped him.


The Rwandan government became very disappointed with the Doctor’s decision to stay in South Africa. It became obvious to the Rwandan Intelligence that the Doctor was not coming back home when he had bought a car and  information leaked that the Doctor had obtained work in Tygarberg Hospital in South Africa.

Inyenyeri news source also confirmed that the young doctor had attended a course back in Rwanda, where he had been briefed by the Rwandan spies that he may be required to poison some of his patients when the country asks him to do so. This ostensibly made him very disturbed as it was against his medical registration principles ‘’do no harm’’. The intelligence could not settle due to the fact that Dr Dusabe had objected to the idea among others questioning about his principles as a doctor, although he was reassured that it was working for his country.


Immediately the Rwandan foreign intelligence ordered Karega to identify the doctor’s whereabouts and it was no secret the Doctor was residing in Monika’s apartment who is also an intore who sympathiser of the Rwandan intelligence network. Monika who was not in South Afrika at the time of Dr Dusabe’s killing has claimed to have been in Canada although the inyenyeri news understands that Monika may have been in Kigali at the time.


Ambassador Karega supported the idea to track down the young Doctor and eliminate him in order to avoid arguments with his other boy friends which could have tarnished his diplomatic profile and also he did not want upset his masters back in Kigali.


Questions that remains unanswered


  1. Why did Karega advise the young Doctor to come to the gay party when he knew that he would not take it well if he found out about his bother has many  other boy friends.


  1. Why did Dr Dusabe not tell his brother who stays in South Africa more about his movements and social calendar?


  1. Why did he BUY the car right after arriving in South Africa if he was to return to Kigali as Karega claims?


  1. Why did Karega invite his boyfriend to stay in South Africa when he knew that it would displease his masters in Kigali?


  1. Why did it take so many days after his death before anyone checked on him?


A source said a man was arrested after the police flying squad traced Dusabe’s car‚ which was stolen after he was hit on the head with a blunt object in his flat.


Karega said had no idea of the motive for the murder. “We really don’t know if he was tracked by somebody malicious. We have no clue.”

Dusabe was a gynaecological oncologist who worked at King Faisal Hospital in Kigali.


The ambassador said the alarm was raised by neighbours at Bantry Place who noticed a bad smell from the flat.


The Stellenbosch University website says Dusabe was Rwanda’s first gynaecological oncologist.


He grew up as a refugee in Burundi after some of his family were killed in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He returned to Rwanda in 1998 after completing high school and studied medicine at the National University of Rwanda before specialising in gynaecology at Stellenbosch.


He graduated and obtained  a Masters degree in Medicine  in 2014 before continuing his studies by specialising in gynaecology oncology.