President Paul Kagame was seen chatting with his lobbyist machine the former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair at an investment meeting in Los Angeles, US, yesterday. The Rwandan dictator addressed the 16th Milken Institute Global Conference on the opportunities for investment in Rwanda and Africa, where he was explaining what he called the initiatives that have led to a continuous increase in investment in Rwanda.

Tony Kagame

Kagame fraudulently said that it is about transparency, internal reforms, the rule of law, good governance and the opportunity that regional integration presents for investment.  I will address each item of the above in turn in order for the reader of this article to know how Kagame and his backers have manipulated, abused and misappropriated the Taxpayers money of the donor countries and international community as a whole.

Rwanda has never had transparency since RPF took power almost 20 years ago; RFP and Kagame in particular have dominated the political stage of the Rwandan politics by eliminating all the people perceived to be their political opponents.  RPF has organised sham elections by electing itself winning 90%  and deceiving the international community that Rwanda has had credible elections  using lobbyists like Tony Blair , Bill Clinton , Rick Warren , Howard Buffet and many more who in turn get big bonus  in form of cash or subsidized investments in Rwanda.

RPF and Kagame are on the Forbes list as the Richest institution and person in Africa respectively according to The Financial Times (UK) and the BBC Kinyarwanda Program which reported that RPF the ruling party of Rwanda (RPF) has made formidable fortunes of wealth and is considered the richest party on the continent save the ruling party of Ethiopia (EPRDF) of Meles Zanawi. It should be noted however,  that  Kagame is the sole proprietor of the so called RPF investment group of companies  under the  director general  Prof Manasseh Nshuti who is not only  a puppet of Kagame but a blood sucker  that has enriched  himself  and his boss Kagame.

They have used all brain washing tactics like AGACIRO, Kwigira, just to mention a few where they have ordered all the employees to pay in their fund the whole monthly pay, financial institutions and private sector have been under pressure to contribute to this fund which is not accountable to anybody apart from Kagame who is not questionable in the country. This is a family business affair without transparency as the president portrays himself in the eyes of the international community sitting side by side with Tony Blair who keeps nodding his head in approval to every single word mentioned by Kagame.

Who does not know that all these fortunes have come at a cost, all the business is owned directly or indirectly by the Rwandan Patriotic Front through numerous proxies of business.

Kagame has brained washed many Rwandans like KIM IL SUNG and his family of North Korea, indeed, he has planted in the Rwandan society a seed of fear, intimidation which has germinated into a big tree that will be difficult to cut without de-intoxication of the overdose of Kagameism ideology of divide and rule that has left many Rwandans fighting each other in the same way his predecessors did since independence of this country.

Similarly, he says that he has made internal reforms, this is another naked lie, but if he means the reforms of muzzling the independent media, incarceration of political opponents or physical extermination of all the political and military elite of the Rwandan society, he has done it more than any other president in the Rwandan history. He has shamelessly denied the Rwandan King who is his brother in law to return to Rwanda and sold his properties to the so called investors.  It is unfortunate that the RPF  elders have failed to convince the Rwandan dictator that selling the historical artifacts of the Rwandan King, is not only a loss to the entire country but also detrimental to the tourism industry  which is the second foreign currency earner from coffee and tea to our country.

Again he talks of good governance, this slap in the face of many Rwandans who have been denied all the rights of electing their own leaders. The Electoral Commission is managed by the RPF carders who fix a candidate of their choice not the choice of the masses, how can he come and say he has brought good governance in Rwanda? No Rwandan has the freedom of enjoying even the simple basics of human rights which Tony Blair and others enjoy in their respective countries. Therefore there is only one word to Mr Tony Blair; Kagame is a war criminal who should be in The Hague at this moment in time.  The continuation of dealing, supporting and lobbying money for Kagame which is he uses in turn to kill innocent Rwandans and Congolese, Tony Blair is not only conspiring with Rwandan Dictator but also betraying many Rwandans who are suffering in the hands of the Rwandan dictator.

Jacqueline Umurungi