Lt. Gen. Patrick Nyamvumba has been promoted to a full general and appointed RDF Chief of Defence Staff (CDS).

Gen. Nyamvumba, who has just returned from a tour of duty in Sudan where he was chief of the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), replaces Lt. Gen. Charles Kayonga. According to the officers we spoke to just after the meeting, they stated that it appears that the motive behind these changes lies in the preparation of the war which is hidden behind the M23, supported by Rwanda, in the DRC. One of the officers explained that, Tanzania and South African forces are prepared to disarm the rebels in DRC. This may trigger the war between a number of countries in the Great Lakes Region including our Rwanda which is the cause of the whole instability in the region.

In 1998 when Rwanda fought with Uganda in Kisangani DRC it was Patrick Nyamvumba with Ruvusha who fought that war and killed a number of Ugandan forces. Patrick Nyamvumba, a former body guard to Major Chris Bunyenyezi who later became an instructor after the death of his boss, proved to be a good commander towards the end of the 1994 war, also built his name in the DRC while fighting the Ugandans. Contrarily to Charles Kayonga who was transferred to the High command during the war after falsely reporting to be injured; he was actually fit yet suffered anxiety from the stress of being on the front lines. He spent most of his time as a body guard to Paul Kagame and later sent to CND where he was behind Jacob Tumwine and Kwikiriza, who later won the Kigali battle to promote Kayonga’s name until he became the CDF.

Now, Kagame has realised that the time has come for  another war and so it’s time for preparations rather than showing up in uniforms. Gen Patrick Nyamvumba is prepared to fight the war against the whole region to save Paul Kagame’s nose, but even though he is appointed, his wife is in Canada after running away from the country due to intimidations from Kagame’s wife who is determined to implement and teach the officials wives how to live life. This is something that Nyamvumba’s wife has repeatedly declined and told her to take care of her family and let the Nyamvumba’s alone. We will have to wait and see if Gen Patrick Nyamvumba will be able to bring his wife back home.

The only challenges may be that Patrick Nyamvumbe, like his predecessor, he has no time to get to know the soldiers he is leading and will have to rely on Gen Kamanzi Mushyo.

Another position created by the president is Inspector General of the army, given to Brig. Gen. Jack Nziza, former permanent secretary in the Ministry of Defence, who was also promoted to the rank of Maj. Gen. and assumes the new duties of Inspector General of the Rwanda Defense Forces. This position has came late as Jack Nziza has been fully functional in deadly missions even when his position in the army was an existent, Jah bless Jack.

He will be replaced in the ministry by newly-promoted Col. Joseph Rutabana.

Also promoted to the rank of Major General is Brig. Gen. Richard Rutatina. With no post and a medical Doctor who had promised the world to do no harm prior to his graduation, but was used to inject poisonous injections to most of his senior commanders just to clear the route and install Kagame in power.

Colonel Fred Muziraguharara has been posted to the National Intelligence Security Services as director general responsible for finance and administration

What worries the whole nation is the transfer of Dan Munyuza from army to police. Dan Munyuza well known on the international level for killings of colleagues as well as civilians has been transferred to the Rwandan National Police. Promoted to the rank of deputy commissioner general of police, will work hand in hand with the head of police Commissioner Gasana Rurayi to track down the opposition supporters.

The new appointments take immediate effect.