Paul Kagame is a LIAR

He has institutionalized  banditism, murder and hypocrisy.

He has surrounded himself with less than smart   greedy individuals,who are willing to silence their moral sense and put their hard earned education  credentials at the service of a system that is destroying Rwanda’s economy, diplomacy and society.

He has exiled all in the educated elite  who have questioned his “rule by the gun” mafia style government.

He is a tyrant who has enshrined the Stockholm syndrome  !

He is a Judas who will have you think of him as Christ!


Paul Kagame ‘s  self proclaimed savior title is as dubious as his high school diploma.

His cowardice  and bullying are the law he has ruled  Rwanda by from day one.

He has taken care of appearances ,  but what the world cannot see is really what he is about :

Killing , torturing,starving Rwandans and grabbing their land / assets.

He brags about universal healthcare while his hospitals  discharge the sick and hold the new mothers and the deceased hostage when their families cannot pay for the said services that the universal health care ought to cover !


Paul Kagame is bad for Rwanda .

Thanks to him , Rwanda has now more refugees than ever.

Under his visionary leadership , the Rwandan government hunts and kills its citizens abroad .

No other country hunts and kills its citizens  like Paul Kagame‘s Rwanda does !

Kagame is bad for Rwanda.

And Kagame ‘s supporters are bad for Rwanda , be they foreign or Rwandan because they are supporting a man who has no interest in his people, a man who confuses himself with  the country he is suppose to serve.


Paul Kagame is a deceiver who preaches peace while he foments war and more senseless  bloodshed for Rwanda and the great lakes region.

He must be stopped .

This is 2018, warlords and dictators have no place in the post information era .

To keep supporting  greedy ,blood hungry dictators is an insult to humanity.


Noble Marara