Kagame Blocked Ugandan Goods. What If Uganda Did Same? It Happened In 1976.

General Paul Kagame is evidently very poor in the subject of geography and a terrible historian. Poor at geography because he appears not to realize that Rwanda is land-locked. Poor at history because when Uganda blockaded Rwanda in 1976, it was a disaster for Rwanda. Put in another way, were Kagame any good at geography and history, he would not dare blockade Ugandan goods at the border as he did on February 16, 2019. Truckloads of cement from Uganda’s Tororo Cement Industries were blocked, according to reports. Back in 1976, the military dictators of Rwanda and Uganda had a disagreement, and Uganda blockaded goods from Rwanda. The New York Times described what happened to Rwanda as follows: “Rwanda’s future is threatened by a crisis it has no control over. Neighboring Uganda…has instituted an economic blockade against Rwanda…Both imports and exports, which must transit Uganda to reach Indian Ocean ports, have been either blockaded or hijacked by Uganda. Rwanda has received no fresh gasoline supplies for several weeks. Only two pumps in the entire country, both in the capital, are working…Rwanda’s fledgling light industry has stopped. The coffee and tea crop — Rwanda’s only means of paying its own way — has recently been harvested. It is stacked on trucks stretching in pockets from the capital to the border. It must reach Mombasa on the Kenyan coast for export soon or perish.” Kagame is playing with fire — here is an ironfisted ruler playing a dangerous game that may lead to enormous harm to 12 million Rwandans.