How far is Kagame willing to take his campaign to humiliate Museveni ?

The latest incident  involving yet another  occurence of provocation aimed at  President Museveni in Addis Ababa  ( see video here  courtesy of by Citizen TV -Kenya  :

It was a puzzling  diplomatic incident  that cannot be brushed off as just another unfortunate protocol mishap. While it is is true that other VIPs such as, as alleged , Honorable Raila Odinga and the Admiral carrying  President Kenyatta’s speech were also denied access to the venue, there is little doubt as to who the actual target of the conspiracy  was.

Inyenyeri News Group has spoken to analysts and more than three different diplomatic sources present at the venue who confirm  the incident as a cleverly orchestrated scene by none other than  Mr Kagame ,the usual suspect, with intent to humiliate and anger President Yoweri Museveni.

The moment was timely , Kagame had already handed over the Presidency of the African Union  to his successor ,President Abdel Fattah el Sisi of Egypt ; the said incident would be blamed on  the protocol commotion a meeting of such importance involves .

But the truth of the matter is that it was no coincidence !

This leaves me wondering  how far Kagame is willing to go in provocation of  the famously docile and peace loving Museveni !

Bad blood between Kigali and Kampala have escalated  from accusations of espionage and sabotage directed at Kigali to the continuing allegations of kidnapping and wrongful deportations  of Rwandan Citizens by Uganda.

I would like to point out however that Inyenyeri News Group has spoken to many Rwandans living in Uganda , particularly in Kampala who assure us that they are going about their lives most normally as opposed to  what is being said by government sponsored News Papers in Kigali.

Those of us  watching the rising tensions in the East African region with serious concern continue to wonder how much longer  Mr Kagame ‘s disregard of his once revered mentor ,President Museveni  will be tolerated.

How far is going to be too far for Kagame in this taunting game ?

Are the rumors about another armed conflict in the region  not wrong after all ?

Is Kagame taking the region towards another a full blown armed conflict?      


Noble Marara