Can our opposition mature into a driving force that would bring about peaceful change in Rwanda ?

No one is powerful enough to rule or stay in power forever. Even when one has succeeded in  silencing all dissent , nature will surely take its course.

It is tragic , even comical to see how Kagame, like all dictators refuses to consider a page turning to his era.  Anyone who dares envisage such an idea is considered an enemy and shut down . He is like a proverbial hammer who sees everything as a nail . He uses hard power and suppresses everything that is not in praise of his person and his leadership.

This is a terrible mistake .

Kagame is  busy making the same mistakes unpopular minorities that took power by force have naturally made before him: he is setting the scene for a chaotically violent conclusion to his  beloved era.

Sooner or later he will leave the presidential seat.

Kagame ‘s leadership has made him a lot of enemies going back from even before the capture of Kigali. His orders have sent many of his enemies into the afterlife, others are getting through their prison sentences  behind bars or by his side.

Kagame has created a  great deal of resentment  and he lives with enemies he is not even aware of .  A 30 year old oppression creates monsters who adapt to their environment like chameleons with no egos waiting , biding their time. It is when people have perfected the lies of loyalty that the betrayals are the most brutal.

With a situation like this , similar to a time bomb waiting to explode ,  the opposition abroad needs to strategize and find alternative solutions to this impending chaos  and in my opinion an armed conflict is absolutely not one of them. Our people are oppressed by a regime that kills , we cannot  solve their misery with more killing . We are still living the consequences of the last war!

It is my personal opinion  that the solution to the Rwandan conflict  is definitely not another armed conflict .I fail to see the necessity of it . We in the opposition should be thinking in terms of integration with regards to the East African Community , the great lakes area and Africa in general. The economic welfare of our people should be our priority.

Even though a revolution is dearly needed in Rwanda  , I persistently believe that it is only with political maturity that we will discontinue the vicious cycle of war and blood shade.


Noble Marara