The Lwengo LC5 Chairman George Mutabazi was yesterday bundled off the Rwanda Air bound to Entebbe from Bujumbura via Kigali. According to Mr. Mutabazi, it was a mistaken Identity that led him off the Plane by the Rwandan security officers.  “I happened to have travelled to Bujumbura Burundi for a two days conference organized by the Secretary General’s Assembly by the Secretary General of the East African Community “he said.

However, the Rwanda Air gives another version of what happened contrary to what Mr. Mutabazi is feeding to his own people.   “In order to ensure the safety of today’s flight WB464 to Entebbe and of our passengers onboard this flight, the Passenger George Mutabazi was disembarked from the aircraft due to his disorderly behaviour. He was later rebooked on WB452 that departed earlier today.”

In a nightmare response to what has happened to him in Kigali, Mr. Mutabazi struggled to explain why he was making an alarm yet thanking the same people who humiliated him in front of other passengers. Mr. Mutabazi could be heard yelling as he was being forcefully removed from the flight bound to Entebbe.  “Why are they doing this to me, I am a leader, do I deserve this” desperately trying to attract attention from other passengers.

Inyenyeri News has unearthed credible information that Mr. Mutabazi was warned that if he dares to put straight what has happened to him, he will pay a heavy price similar to what   many have paid once labelled enemies by Kagame.

It seems Mr. Mutabazi was not ready to pay the Price of AIG Felix Andrew Kawesi or Col. Patrick Karegeya or even General Noble Mayombo. While Mr. Mutabazi is well known for his comedy in the Ugandan theatre, he might have taken the same comedy in the wrong theatre hall.   Indeed, Mr. Mutabazi is not new to this Rwandan draconian behaviour, his own brother the late Kabalisa sponsored the RPF during the 1990s struggle but after the war, he failed to work with them, within weeks he had fallen  apart with RPF administration  and he immediately  returned to Uganda.

Mr. Mutabazi has tasted the wrath of the African despot; he has been used to the political theatre of Uganda where freedom and political space is open for everyone irrespective of his/her political affiliation. Indeed, Mr Mutabazi played in the wrong theatre.