Dr Stella Nyanzi vowed to open up on the conditions at Luzira Prison

Dr Stella Nyanzi vowed to open up on the conditions at Luzira Prison

Hundreds of supporters and fans of Dr. Stella Nyanzi last evening took to the “social media streets” to welcome home the outspoken academic, who was granted bail from Luzira Prison by the Buganda Road Court.

Nyanzi was freed on a Shs. 10million non-cash bail by Magistrate Eremye Mawanda, having been jailed for a little over one month for insulting President Yoweri Museveni on social media.

The activist, who appeared unwell at the court house yesterday and couldn’t walk by herself, says she is still down with malaria and on medication.

Hours after regaining her freedom, Nyanzi picked up from where she left, posting on her widely followed Facebook page about her delight to be “out of the ugly belly of the state’s brutality.”

While responding to one of the commentators on her post which was shared by hundreds, Nyanzi vowed to open up on her experience, and the conditions at Luzira Prison, saying, “I have a whole book in which I detail the stuff that happens in Luzira Women’s Prison.”

Nyanzi was cautioned yesterday to refrain from discussing her ongoing Cyber Harassment case on social media, as part of her bail conditions. The State Prosecution also asked that she is curtailed from attacking the President and First Family as she has done in the past.

But in another response on her post she said, “I will not stop speaking out against the vile vermin infesting our country with evil.”

Nyanzi expressed gratitude for the support that she got while in detention, which she said kept her fighting spirit up.

“All the days I was locked up in Uganda’s beastly prison, I was upheld by love from near and far. I thank you all for the love. Freedom smells lovely when among loved ones,” she said.

“All my visitors in prison inspired me not to give up. The public press media and the social media fraternities kept the fire burning. Human rights activists, feminists, queers, journalists, cartoonists, comedians, musicians, artists, scholars, researchers, foreign missions, and all my allies who stood tall and proud in solidarity with me, I thank you.”