My apology to the East African Community

As a Rwandan, I feel compelled  to apologize to our neighbors from the East African Community  for the hysteric antics of our President, Mr Paul Kagame .

To put  it bluntly , the man has lost the plot  as you can see from the clearly deranged rendition of his opening remarks at his ( dreaded ) 16th Leaders retreat .

Over the past few years , the east African Community and  the great lakes region in general have been the theater of  disputes and tensions that , as it happens , always involve Mr Kagame .

Mr Kagame  who “ will not be brought to his knees “ as he said , has nonetheless imposed the same to his people . He demands sycophantic loyalty and  diligent praise . He tolerates no criticism , constructive as it may be . He is THE State . He Rules over Rwanda like one does over personal property  and those who do not agree with him are hunted and either jailed or assassinated even when they choose to self exile.

This is what happened to Mr Seth Sendashonga , a man of integrity that Mr Kagame now proudly brags to having eliminated because ” he crossed the line ” .

Mr Sendashonga’s only wrong, like many after him was to call Mr Kagame’s human rights violations to his attention .

The recent  border crisis between Rwanda and Uganda points the finger at Mr Kagame’s increasing loss of control and failure to rationalize with regards to the seriousness of governance and  of matters such as regional trade .

Rwanda and Rwandans have tolerated Kagame ‘s  mental health situation for years but it is now clear that  he cannot be contained and needs a sleeping dart .

With this apology to  our brothers and sisters  within the East African Community , I call on neighbouring heads of government to help Mr Kagame before he plunges the region  in a suicidal conflict.

Noble Marara