I would like to propose that starting today, we make this Karegeya Memorial Day a Rwandan national phenomenon so that on this day we honor all our heroes who fought to liberate our country but have not been recognized.

Karegeya fought for the freedom of all the rights of Rwandans, indeed most of his comrades who fought alongside with him whose children and widows cannot afford a meal a day have been forgotten. We owe a lot to all these Rwandan heroes right from the Bush war including their supreme leader Gen. Fred Rwiygema.

Those who died should be remembered and honored, the list of those Rwandan heroes is endless and I think the most important reason Col. Patrick Karegeya parted ways with the Kagame regime is fundamentally based on the fact that Kagame had derailed from the original promise of changing Rwanda for all Rwandans.

Therefore singling out Karegeya for remembrance on the national or Rwandan level would not only be against the same reasons Karegeya left Kigali and started again to oppose the Rwandan regime but equally will be serving the interests of the Kagame and RPF.

Their personal sacrifice, and that of their families, is not worth less because they were wrongly used by Kagame or they believed a free Rwanda with democracy and rule of law which has been fundamentally been betrayed by Kagame and RPF.

Kagame’s  evil agenda has betrayed the very reasons Karegeya and his comrades took arms to remove one evil and unfortunately replace it with a monster that is worse than the one they removed. In fact in my view all the soldiers that fought on both sides who never participated in Genocide and mass killings of innocent people should be remembered.

It is not a soldier’s job to decide who he fights, and so no soldier, from any way, is less heroic than any other soldier. I often say that I’m proud of all the Rwandan heroes and by remembering them all or giving them a special day , we shall not only be remembering Co. Patrick Karegeya but we shall be keeping his  cause and light alive. The bitterness between the opposition parties that split after the death of Karegeya should stop; come together again and in this way Karegeya will be served with the most heroic weapon he used to fight his enemies

Noble Marara