The renowned Ugandan Journalist and Political Pundit Mr. Tamale Mirundi has questioned the Kagame’s long political shopping bag “Who counted the number of Tutsis who RPF and Kagame say was 1, 000,000”? He asked

Tamale Mirundi argues that Kagame and RPF have very good people in Propaganda who uses Genocide for Political reasons, he compares RPF political propaganda machinery with that of Israel’s who survival on Holocaust whenever they are accused of Human Rights Violations.

He further accused Kagame of suffocating his political opponents who question his authoritarian rule; he gave an example of Besigye who has been left to do his business regardless of his political upheaval and defiance.  “Tell me any person who holds a different view with RPF and survives the iron fist of Kagame?” He asked

Mr. Tamale Mirundi was echoing the same questions by two American academics Christian Davenport and Alan Stam who appeared in the BBC Documentary “the Untold Story on the Genocide of Rwanda” by Jane Corbin. The above Professors came from the University of Michigan who had traveled to Rwanda to better understand the genocide; Although Professor Alan Stam of the University of Michigan agrees that 1 million people died in the Rwandan genocide. However, he argues that there were only 500,000 Tutsis in the country at the time. Of the 500, 000 who were in the country before the genocide, 300,000 Tutsis survived. The above two American Academics were made persona non-grata in Rwanda. Later Kagame accused the BBC Corporation of “genocide denial” in the documentary which he said it had chosen to “tarnish Rwandans, dehumanize them”. Indeed, the RPF regime and Kagame were very furious and ordered the Martin Ngoga commission that later censored the BBC Kinyarwada and Kirundi in the country.

The Kagame’s killing hand goes beyond borders and beyond nationalities, the killing of the former Rwandan Chief Spy master Col. Patrick Karegeya and assisnation attempt of the Rwandan former army Chief, Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, both in South Africa should serve as a warning to Mr. Tamale Mirundi that he is not immune from the Kagame’s killing hand.

Again it is now an established fact that the Rwandan President Paul Kagame was the instigator of the assassination of Laurent Desire Kabila, the Congolese former president. Kagame’s former Ambassador to USA Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa, and the Karegeya his former spy master who was later strangled to death in South African Hotel have both testified and made it abundantly clear that Kagame ordered the assassination of President Kabila.

Dr.  Rudasingwa: “I’m saying it; it is today that I say it clearly; it’s Paul Kagame who assassinated the Congolese President, Laurent Desire Kabila; Kagame is the murderer of the Congolese President Kabila. Indeed, the Belgian Professor Filip Reyntjens of African Law and Politics at the Institute of Development Policy and Management at Antwerp University argued that no president in office today worldwide, throughout Africa or elsewhere is known for criminal acts that are comparable to those of Paul Kagame; yet he sometimes dresses up, takes a plane and wherever he goes a red carpet is displayed in his honor and in meetings he is applauded.

Furthermore, according to Marlene Rabaud and Arnaud Zajtman, two Belgian journalists who conducted a thorough investigation into the murder of President Kabila, they released a documentary called “Murder in Kinshasa. The investigation conclusively arrived to the same direction that Kagame and RPF were behind the assassination of President Kagame.

The speech of the Rwandan president Paul Kagame  in Kigali while addressing the youth on Sunday 30/6/13 threatened to Kill President Kikwete of Tanzania for advising him to talk to his opponents. “And those whom you recently heard speaking for the Interahamwe and FDLR, saying that we should negotiate with them. Negotiate with them? As for me, I do not even argue about this issue because I will wait for you at the right place and I will hit you!! I really did not… I didn’t even reply to him, I never arg… uh… it is known, there is a line you can’t cross. There is a line; there is a line that should never be crossed. Not once. It’s impossible!!…” Kagame warned.

Is Mr Tamale Mirundi crossing the Red Line by arguing that Kagame and RPF are using Genocide as apolitical card of consolidating Power, oppress opponents?  Definitely the subject of Genocide in Rwanda has been very controversial because even the Tutsis who were the victims are not allowed to go beyond the demarcations of KAGAME and RPF lines.

It goes without saying that Mr. Tamale Mirundi in the eyes of Rwanda and Kagame is betraying and intrusive, his counterpart Andrew Mwenda has made Billions of Francs from Kagame who even made him presidential advisor for his sugar coatings and indefensible walls against his brutal regime , interestingly Tamale Mirundi has said he is incorruptible, make no  mistake  Kagame using is spy masters and hit squads who are roaming on the streets of Kampala will hit Tamale Mirundi at their time of Choosing “No one will betray Rwanda and get away with it. Regardless of who you are or where you are there will be consequences,” Kagame said.

Joseph Ruhumuriza