Controversial Makerere University academician, also self-proclaimed human rights activist, Dr Stella Nyanzi, who was released last week on bail after being held for a month on cyber harassment charges, has said she feels like a fugitive in her own country but will not be intimidated into silence.

In a Facebook post Nyanzi said she cannot move freely and does not have access to her home because “security goons still await for me there”.

She says that her children had to be moved from their home for their safety, “What liberty is this if a mother cannot live with her children?” she asks.

Dr Nyanzi was charged with calling President Yoweri Museveni “a pair of buttocks”, but this has not stopped her from taking another dig at him and his government:

Our nation is now a prison. Perhaps I was safer and freer behind bars in Luzira. Uganda is a dangerous place to live in, particularly for those of us who reject the illegitimate leadership of the despotic leopard, its foolish leopardess and the future reign of the promiscuous leopard-cub…

I refuse to stop poking the leopards’ anuses. I am going to continue poke-poking all the leopards’ anuses until either Uganda is free from the leopards or my death. This fugitive is not shutting up!”

The court reportedly denied the state prosecutor’s request to bar Dr Nyanzi from “engaging in adverse derogatory comments about the first family” as part of the bail conditions.