The Congolese Government’s reaction against the continued support of Rwanda to their enemies in the Congo has led  Dr Kagame desperately heading back to Uganda to plead for help from his mentor His excellence Yoweri Museveni of Uganda. President Kagame was  on his way back from the US where he had gone for treatment, President Kagame spent less than three hours in Uganda on a visit which was kept confidential that even his ambassador Frank Mugambagye had no clue.

He was in Uganda yet again in order to kneel down for more help because he has nowhere else to turn to this time.  The main reason for Dr Kagame’s visit is to desperately beg for President Museveni to allow Kagame’s (M23 Rebels) fighting in the Congo to cross over and hide in Uganda while the UN and the Congolese government investigate Kagame’s actions to the Congolese Nationals. Sources held indicate that Dr Kagame is unsettled and anxious due to the warnings he received from the USA diplomats as well as the UK diplomats, he was warned on DRC issues and informed that the USA was going to work hand in hand in the region in order for the region to settle. Also Dr Kagame was warned to watch out on the prisoners he is holding due to politics, he is desperately unsettled and very likely to release them. So Dr. Kagame believes that

Once his rebels are well hidden in Uganda, they will be beyond the reach of DRC authority. The government of Uganda will put them under protective custody just like they did to Gen. Gad Ngabo of FPLC rebels.

Kagame’s plan is to hence claim his innocence with the rebels and Museveni will deny investigators any access to them. Museveni will then be the mediator between Kagame and Kabila to temporally give Kagame opportunity to be let-off the international radar as the de-stabilizer of the Congo.

Museveni is considering this as an opportunity to mediate the fuelling conflict; Kagame is sponsoring the shedding of the blood of the people of DRC and manipulating President Kabila by pretending to engage in dialogue. “Essentially burning the house and calling the fire brigade”.

These kinds of secret meetings between Kagame and Museveni about the DRC happened since 1998 in Rwakitura and Mweya Safari lodge. However, Kagame turned around and slaughtered numerous Uganda troops under Muhoozi’s Special Unit. It is evident that Museveni is a peaceful man who wishes peace for the entire region. This could still be the reason for his continued support which turns around to become a disappointment to the blood-thirsty Kagame.,r:2,s:0,i:78

The situation of Gen Bosco Ntaganda-

  • The most likely scenario is getting him killed, so that he does not release information to the ICC.
  • The second scenario is to allow him cross the border with the rest of M23 rebels and be ‘arrested’ by the Ugandan authorities and get held like Gen Laurent Nkunda.
  • Kagame will claim he has nothing to do with Ntaganda.
  • The understanding is that Uganda will resist handing over Ntaganda to ICC.


  • Ntaganda was sent by Kagame to Ituri to fight for Lubanga (Hema) supported by Rwanda against Lendu supported by Uganda.
  • At that time Kiiza Besigye’s rebels who were supported by Dr. Kagame were also on the side of the Hema and Lubanga.
  • Question is why would Museveni protect a proxy commander (Ntaganda) who was used by Rwanda to kill Ugandan soldiers in Ituri?
  • Why should Museveni put Uganda’s credibility to protect a war criminal who ordered James Kabareebe to kill countless Ugandan soldiers in Congo?
  •  What will Uganda do with hundreds of M23 soldiers on Uganda territory? Is Museveni ready to shoulder Kagame’s self inflicted burdens?
  • Has Museveni forgotten that Kagame betrayed him and tried to kill him? Would Museveni so easily forget and rest assured that the betrayal will not be repeated.
  • Are Ugandans so blind not to realize that Rwanda/Kagame is shifting the burden on to Uganda?
  • Would Kagame do the same for Museveni when it is common knowledge that over the years, Ugandan opposition was bankrolled by Kagame?

Tutsis of the Congolese

Kagame is insensitive to the Tutsi of Congo though he claims to be their savior. He has inflicted pain to them and involved the in endless wars and does not mind how many of them die, get displaced, raped or disappear! To Kagame, as long as the chaos allows him to plunder the riches and places him in a position of diplomatic influence in the region, he does not mind about what happens to the Tutsi of Congo.

The tired and outdated reason given by Kagame government of hunting the FDLR no longer sells because the founders and leaders of FDLR have already joined Rwandan government.

According to James Kabareebe the FDLR’s almost been eliminated, so where did the thousands go. We are told the FDLR committed genocide in Rwanda but we have not had any of the FDLR troops tried in genocide cases.

Although the government of Rwanda has denied involvement in DRC and Uganda may help them save face, war crimes will always remain. Come rain or shine, one day, Kagame will be brought to book. What is mindboggling is why should Museveni again involve Uganda in fiasco – just to stop funding from Kagame to Besigye? What a price to pay? Our investigations indicate that the M23 is likely to be heading to Uganda if President Museveni accepts the request from Dr Kagame; Most of the M23 commanders being Rwandese origins have entered Rwanda and others on boarders, however they cannot attack DRC from Rwanda anymore because they are the main suspects of destabilizing the region. We call for the international community to support the United Nations in order to continue the Good job they have been doing and to keep their promises arrive as indicated in the UN mandate.