Reliable information indicates that prior to Mr Karugarama’s sacking he had just been beaten badly that needed medical attention. According to our reporters inside the state house Mr Karugarama was picked up from his house after he spoke to the guardian and indicated that Mr Kagame was not going to violate the Rwanda constitution in regards to term limits. Mr Karugarama was beaten by President Kagame himself like he always do, it has always been normal for Kagame to beat up his ministers or army officials but this time it was un usual because Mr Karugarama was beaten and even  sacked.


KarugaramaMusoni ProtaisAlso relieved off their positions is Musoni Protais and Lt Gen Charles Kayonga who was told off in front of subordinates meeting, he was later sacked and Gen Nyamvumba was appointed to take over from him. As reported from our sources in the army, Gen Kayonga arrived late on an occasion that he was supposed to have arrived early to welcome his boss the minister of defence Gen Kabarebe, this was followed also by President Kagame’s arrival on the occasion before Charles Kayonga arrived. He was not given a chance to explain why he never made time to the occasion, instead after the occasion Gen Kayonga was relieved off his duties. In the late 1990’s Gen Kayonga left for USA military training and while he was there he announced that he was not coming back to Rwanda, a delegation of Rwandan officials met him in USA to guarantee him security and a comfortable job on his return, he was back in days and appointed the advisor for defence to the president and later appointed the army chief which was followed by becoming the full head of the army the chief staff commander. Having been the head of the 600 soldiers sent to CND during peace talks in 1994 he was among the well known commanders who worked hard around the clock to stop genocide; also played a large role in planning and hosting the two soldiers who shot down Gen Habyarimana’s plane on the 6th/04/1994.

Most of the genocide survivors admitted that they feel comfortable with this General. So what is the way forward for him? Gen Charles Kayonga is reportedly related to Col Patrick karegeya a fomer external military intelligence chief.

Gen Kayonga until now remains with no job, the president had told Musoni James his right hand man that he was planning to appoint Gen Kayonga as a minister of security however changed his mind after realising that Gen Kayonga was planning to head into exile.


Also the former minister of justice Karugarama caused a lot of inconvenience to himself after he gave an interview with the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Mr Karugarama said that he firmly believed that President Kagame would not be interested in amending the Constitution, adding that there is a need to maintain the rule of law.

In an interview with the same newspaper, President Kagame reacted to a reference to this statement by asking the journalist why Mr Karugarama was bothered by whether he should go or not, when Mr Karugarama himself “had stayed in government for so long. Why don’t you tell him to step down himself? All those years he’s been there, he’s not the only one who can be the justice minister,” said President Kagame. Before brushing aside the third term debate.

“In the end, we should come to a view that serves us all. But in the first place, I wonder why it becomes the subject of heated debate?” He added.

While there is nothing unusual in a routine Cabinet reshuffles, observers have interpreted these events as a sign of friction within the ruling party.

When called by inyenyerinews Mr Karugarama said he could not speak, asking us to wait until he hands over the instruments of office to his successor, Justice Johnston Busingye, who prior to the appointment was at the East African Court of Justice (EACJ).another replaced was Protais Musoni who was replaced by Stella Ford Mugabo in the Cabinet Affairs Ministry.

RPF vice president Christophe Bazivamo told inyenyerinews that the reshuffle should not be seen as party politics, but rather a “routine change in the government.”

Mr Karugarama on the other hand is a seasoned judge who has been credited for turning around the Rwandan justice system and the judiciary.

Mr Karugarama has been behind the sweeping reforms within the sector, overseeing important justice programmes such as Gacaca, which dealt with genocide cases. Other sources indicate that Mr Karugarama argued about the false files formed in order to arrest the opposition politicians who had committed no crimes.

Other observers argue that the two senior officials were no longer fit to serve in highly demanding positions in President Kagame’s mainly youthful Cabinet. The two were the oldest Cabinet members, being in their 60s and so how about President Kagame himself?

Mr Musoni, credited for dreaming up and implementing Rwanda’s efficient decentralisation system, is thought to have asked President Kagame to allow him to retire after battling high blood pressure.